2016 Vice President


Hi Yale!

My name is Christopher, and I’m a sophomore in Saybrook running to be your YCC Vice President. Over the past two years, I’ve served on the Freshman Class Council, the Saybrook College Council, and the Yale College Council and, at the same time, have been a member of two university standing committees: the Provost’s Online Education Committee and the Yale College Standing Committee for University Expansion. Through these multiple levels of student government, I’ve planned events that bring people together, advocated policy on behalf of the YCC, and examined large issues facing our university – and I believe that these experiences have uniquely positioned me to tackle the main problem facing the YCC: its lack of connection to Yale students.

The YCC has reached a point where it has lost touch with you, the very individuals who put its members into office. For one, the Executive Board communicates little with the student body, creating projects without soliciting student ideas and not keeping undergraduates updated on their progress. Meanwhile, representatives are not fulfilling one of their foremost constitutional mandates: to stay in constant communication with their residential colleges. The YCC has thus ignored the importance of staying accountable to the student body, a standard that we cannot accept.

However, given my active participation in the Saybrook College community, I understand the importance of accountability. And as Vice President – a role that manages the institution that is the Council – I will raise the standard of the YCC back to where it should be. I will push representatives to connect with their respective colleges; I will send out forms to request your suggestions for possible Council projects; and I will enforce the constitutionally required directive that the YCC publicize information on the status of its projects twice per year.

Finally, as Vice President, I would hope to inaugurate a new position on the YCC Executive Board solely devoted to listening to students: the Director of Student Outreach. This individual would not oversee projects but would rather serve as a liaison to undergraduate groups. Although the President and Vice President should certainly participate in this sort of engagement as well, they have countless other duties to attend to simultaneously, which has led some groups to be left behind over the years. Every voice deserves to be heard, and I strongly believe that it is the YCC’s duty to ensure that that happens.

Joe English and Maddie Bauer have accomplished a lot over the past few months, and I hope to advocate many of the same issues that they pushed for: Cr/D/F reform, more resources for the LGBTQ community, the eventual elimination of the student contribution, and more. However, the Council can only achieve such objectives when it works with students. If it doesn’t, students will continue to fall through the cracks, and the YCC will have lost its mandate. It has a duty to listen.

Expectations within the YCC have become too low. So let’s change them: let’s raise the standard.


The Vice President of the YCC serves as the Speaker of the Council of Representatives; ensures the Council’s efficiency, transparency, and productivity; nominates members of University Standing Committees; accompanies the YCC President to administrative meetings; and oversees the completion of all Council projects. As such, this individual should have expansive experience in all of these areas. Through my background in Yale student government, I believe that I am the most qualified candidate to fulfill these mandates.




Furthermore, given my unique involvement in the Yale College Standing Committee on University Expansion, I have been in the middle of conversations regarding the addition of North and South Colleges to our community in the fall of 2017. I know what the Council needs to achieve in order to ensure Yale’s continued success amidst an increase the student population, and I will create policy projects to realize just that.


Over the past two years, I have maintained constant connection with the Saybrook community. As Vice President, I will maintain constant connection with the Yale College community. I am prepared to advocate on your behalf, but I want to involve you in the process. A vote for Christopher is a vote for a YCC that works with students.


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Christopher Bowman for YCC Vice President